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Hakai Foods Family History
Hakai Foods is a family run business that originated in 1993 while on a fishing trip with my wife and son in Hakai Pass, British Columbia. It had become a tradition that when we returned from our summer fishing trips, we would have our annual Salmon BBQ. I always made up huge batches of our sauce to use with the Salmon. Around our neighbourhood these BBQ’s became “Famous” as they were considered “the event” of the summer. My wife and others suggested that we should market the sauce and for the most part, I ignored the suggestion, as I was quite content with my career in the retail piano business. That is until she became pregnant with triplets. It was suggested to me by her that we were going to have to expand our resources. I didn’t want to argue with a woman who was pregnant with triplets, so when she went into bed rest at Grace Hospital, my son Macully (who was 7 at the time) and I came up with a marketing plan that would make British Columbia and Salmon synonymous on the label. With that done, we made up a few cases, and tried to sell them to the local supermarket. I got lucky, fortunately, the local mayor was our first fan and endorser, and he persisted with the supermarket to reorder the product. Within three months I had four distributors and we were listed across Canada. The triplets (all girls) were born healthy, and are now 19, but it was years before we ever went fishing again (need I say more). 

Hakai Foods has continued to expand with new products and distribution through Canada, USA and Europe. We now have a full line of sauces as well as our British Columbia Salmon Rub and Rub/Plank Combo. Any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to call or  email me personally.

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