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British Columbia Salmon Rub

Shake container prior to opening.Break up the rub if it has caked. For all cooking methods: coat salmon with olive oil and completely cover salmon with rub. For oven or pan frying, thinly coat pan with olive oil and cook using medium heat. For the BBQ, place salmon in foil and BBQ over medium heat until salmon is opaque. For best results, thinly coat foil with olive oil as the rub will melt creating a juice that can be poured over the salmon as a garnish. If you BBQ without the foil, add some rub to the salmon just before serving and let it melt over fish. Brush on additional olive oil if needed. For planking, soak plank as per instructions, prepare salmon as above and cook over medium heat with lid closed. 

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Enjoy the true essence of traditional West Coast grilling with our British Columbia Salmon Rub. Demerara brown sugar, paprika, chilies and a special blend of spices enssure a smokey, tender result.

Brown sugar, chili flakes,cumin,rock salt,black pepper,ginger, a special blend of spices,corn starch.
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