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Canadian Beer BBQ Sauce

Famous Canadian Beer BBQ Sauce is like no other BBQ sauce you've tasted before. Its unique bold and flavourful base is infused with our original chill pepper blend and then cooled down with genuine Canadian Beer. Great for anything that goes on the BBQ especially chicken wings and ribs.

Water, brown sugar,sugar,tomato paste,vinegar,salt,corn starch,beer,paprika,ginger powder, ground nutmeg,ground cinnamon,chili flakes,mexican chili powder,black pepper,mustard powder,capsicum
natural smoke flavor,natural annato colour,xanthan gum,sodium benzoate. 
Canadian Beer BBQ Sauce.

CHRISPY CHICKEN WINGS: To crisp up the wings, salt and pepper or spice of your choice, preheat oven to 375. Cook dry (no sauce) for about 30 minutes. Transfer over to the BBQ, using medium heat start basting with Canadian Beer Sauce. CAUTION:THIS SAUCE IS HOT. COOL DOWN WITH MORE BEER IF NECESSARY. Wings are done when they start to shrink from the bone.
RIBS: I follow the same method as with the wings but sometimes I put the ribs in foil and let them simmer on the grill. This method produces a less crispy result. Ribs are done when they start falling off the bone.
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